After four years of planning, all that emotional commitment and anticipation, England’s World Cup has unravelled in the space of five days and the defining image will be of Luis Suárez, on the floor, weeping with joy after the goals that had opened the door to show Roy Hodgson’s team the way out. It is the first time England have lost their first two games and if, or rather when, everything is confirmed it will be an ignominious way to go.


Spain midfielder Xabi Alonso says his country's dominance of world football is over after the defending champions' shock World Cup exit in Brazil.


Roy Hodgson has vowed to “use any weapon we’ve got” as England seek to revive their World Cup group campaign by defeating Uruguay, while Steven Gerrard has warned his team-mates there will be no hiding place if they are knocked out of the competition prematurely.



Buried under the avalanche of reactions to presidential candidate Donald Trump's verbal attack against Muslims, the stream of headlines about the San Bernardino couple who shot and killed more than 14 people last week and the dissection of President Barack Obama's Sunday Oval speech about the war against the so-called Islamic State (IS) was a very significant announcement.

IMF chief Christine Lagarde is to stand trial in France for alleged negligence over a €404m ($438m; £294m); payment to a businessman in 2008.

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